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 teh Chubo mayne o.o

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GFX Mem.
GFX Mem.

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PostSubject: teh Chubo mayne o.o   Tue 19 May 2009 - 18:41

hey guise this be the Chubo o.o
eh mah namez is Robert but i prefer to be called either Bob or Chubo cuz i hate my normal name =O
me wuz born in Peru but i liek moved here to NJ when i was liek twe o.o

my #1 idol be teh Bruce Lee =O
he was a great philosopher and martial artist so respect him guise o.o

ive been told that im "funny" but i dont think so, i can when i wanna be so yah o.o
also liek recently i bwoke up with mah babykins so liek im sad =(

and uh i lovez manga, anime, and liek im getting obsessed with yugioh again >_>
n e thing thats random will bring me joy =D so guise liek keep me amused :3

and liek im not gewd at expressing myself in text so yah
u wanna know moar then ask me

kthnxbai ^_^
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teh Chubo mayne o.o
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