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 Chubo's dojo o.o

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GFX Mem.
GFX Mem.

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Chubo's dojo o.o Empty
PostSubject: Chubo's dojo o.o   Chubo's dojo o.o Icon_minitimeMon 25 May 2009 - 18:29

for any of u interested to get bison, cyc, ryu, or ken up there

my bison and cyc are my best methinks o.o
i can helpz with mah training methods

p.s.: my training is defensive, cuz i dont liek whoring out hadokens to win .-.
so if u want a more "fair" experience when fighting hit me up
either on the chat or on my msn:
u must be able to host cuz i cant lol
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Chubo's dojo o.o
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