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 Squads and Squad Leaders

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PostSubject: Squads and Squad Leaders   Squads and Squad Leaders Icon_minitimeTue 26 May 2009 - 15:34

Alright People, This Whole Taking Care Of The Clan Has Become A little Complicated For Me

So, I'm a Go And Try Something

This is:

Squads And Squad Leaders

What This is, I'm a Put Squads From The Clan With Certain Names (Ex: Aces,Hearts,Diamonds, Alpha,Delta, Etc.)

If We Have Or When We Have Enough People

Squads Will Be Set Up....I Will Decide On The Squad Names, And Squad Leader Will Be Placed My Best Members, Who I Know Are
Dedicated And I Know Will Do A Good Job...

People Will Be Set Up In A Certain Squad Because Of Your Abilities And Skills.....

I Myself Will Not Be In A Squad....Nor Aneya or Swift

A Group Lead By A Certain Commander, Soldiers Following The Regulations Of The Leader
(Any Problems From Anything, Contact Me, PM Only)

Squad Leaders:
A Commander Leading A Squad, They Are Responsible For Their Squad
(Any Problems Of Incapable Of Controlling There Squad Members, Please Contact Me, PM Only)

The Squads
/Squad Leader Will Be in Held When We Have Enough Members...

Squads and Squad Leaders Angel-New-Sig
By (-Swiftblade-)
Squads and Squad Leaders 2ai0qvl
By Aneya
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Squads and Squad Leaders
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